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30 Sep 2020

GAFI CEO meets with EPLP Second Batch

GAFI CEO meets with EPLP Second Batch.
GAFI CEO stresses the need for EPLP trainees to be familiar with all the details and developments relating to the investment environment.
NTA Executive Director: "The Egyptian government's approach is to promote investment opportunities and support investment environment all over the State."
On the sidelines of the orientation organized by the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) to promote its role in attracting and encouraging investments, GAFI Chief Executive Officer, Counselor Mohamed Abdel Wahab, met with the Executive Director of the National Training Academy (NTL Executive Director), Dr. Rascha Rageb; NTL Training Sector Director, Councilor Mohmed Mansi; and the trainees of the second batch of the Executive Presidential Leadership Program (EPLP).
During the meeting, GAFI CEO pointed out that GAFI pays great attention to investing in human resources since they are the core asset that would improve the quality of the services provided to investors. He also stressed that it is important for EPLP trainees to be keen on improving their personal qualifications through training, to develop their personal skills, and to search in different fields of specialization in order to increase their knowledge. Moreover, he advised EPLP trainees to be familiar with all details and developments in the investment environment.
Counselor Mohamed Abdel-Wahab also reviewed GAFI's efforts in supporting the investment environment and developing the services provided through the Investor Service Centers "ISCs", explaining that GAFI automates all procedures and services to facilitate such procedures for investors.
Dr. Rascha Ragheb expressed her gratitude to GAFI CEO for hosting her and the EPLP trainees, praising GAFI's efforts in developing investment and solving the problems facing investors in light of the current challenges that the State is going through. She also indicated the importance of such visit to GAFI before starting a month-training program in the Governorates as the Egyptian government’s current approach is to promote investment opportunities and support the investment environment in all State entities.It is worth noting that the training program that was held at the headquarters of GAFI included many pillars including, inter alia, an orientation on the Investment Law and the Companies Law; the procedures of incorporation and operation of various investment frameworks; the post-incorporation procedures; and the granting of licenses.