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06 Jun 2012

In Libya reconstruction conference…Egypt launches an initiative for integration among Arab Spring countries

​​During its participation in Libya reconstruction conference in Benghazi, Egypt reviewed the details of "Namaa" project which is based on making use of the potentials located in the Egyptian-Libyan border area.

The project's value of investments reaches USD 200 billion, thus providing 8 million job opportunities and creating logistic services and industrial centers.

Within the framework of cooperation between the executive office of the General Authority for Industrial and Mining Projects – a subsidiary of the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade – and the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization – a subsidiary of the Arab League – the executive office has prepared the initiative of "Namaa" for integration among the Arab Spring countries (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia).

The initiative is scheduled to be launched officially during Libya reconstruction conference, which is scheduled to be hosted by Libya's Benghazi in the period from 4 to 6 June 2012. The conference will be witnessed by more than 200 Egyptian, Arab and international businessmen and investors.

"Namaa" project is based on the implementation of an integrated group of logistic, services and industrial projects thus linking Egypt's Alamein and Libya's Tobrok. The initiative aims at making use of the quarry services and natural gas available in Libya for establishment of energy-intensive industrial complexes in Tobrok.

Moreover, the project aims at establishing a railway line for quick international transportation between Egypt's Alamein and Libya's Tobrok, in addition to development of Baqbaq port in Egypt's western cost to be linked to the European ports.

The initiative also aims at creating innovative clusters for traditional craft industries on Alamein/Tobrok road, thus attracting Arab and foreign tourists in addition to safari, beach and medical tourism projects.

Source: Al Ahram​